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Tips for Sellers

  1. Start Up:
    Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your sale.
  2. What to sell:
    • Antiques
    • Collectibles
    • Household Items
    • Knick-Knacks
    • Small Appliances
    • Jewelry
    • Tools
    • Baby items
    • Clean clothing
    • Food Items
      Please refer to this link concerning the Arkansas Department of Health food safety and permit guidelines. Certain foods classified as Cottage Foods do not require a permit to sell. This pdf file details which food items may be sold without a permit. A summary of items is included on the final page of the document.
  3. Don't Sell:
  4. Collecting Items:
    Gather items from all areas of your property; clean items sell better.
  5. Partnered Sale:
    When more than one seller is involved, use separate color price stickers for each seller or initial stickers.
  6. Signs (Bright Yellow Poster Board):
    • List your address on all signs, in large black lettering.
    • Place signs, visible from both directions, so buyers have plenty of time to stop safely.
  7. Be Sure to:
    • Have all items priced reasonably.
    • Have plenty of change.
    • Have paper, pencil & calculator.
    • Have plenty of shopping bags.
    • Guard the pay table and remove built-up cash to a safe place.
    • Be ready to start early.
  8. After the Sale:
    • Remove all signs from street.
    • Unsold items are a tax deduction if you donate them to charity.
    • Keep receipts for donated items.